Bursting With Information About Frozen Pipes

My friends Judy and John Rizzo are the owners of Rizzo Plumbing. They have an excellent website to refer to for a lot of useful information. The website is www.rizzoplumbingandheating.com
Here is part of a great article about frozen pipes that I wanted to share here with all of you.

Frozen pipes can be avoided, but if they happen damage can be minimized. Here is a handy checklist:

1-insulate the pipes in the attic and crawlspaces
2-seal leaks that allow cold air inside ( where pipes are located)
3-make sure all household members know where the main shut off is located


1-open faucets and let water drip
2-don’t attempt to thaw frozen pipes with an open flame(water damage is better than burning your house down)
3-try using a blow dryer to thaw frozen pipes starting at the faucet and working your way back to the coldest section of pipe
4-call a plumber to avoid a burst pipe


1-shut water off at main
2-call a plumber

Weymouth Rotary CASH Raffle tickets now on sale!

Weymouth Rotary has an annual Fundraiser and for many years we had an auto raffle.  WELL, last year we offered a cash option and it was very popular.  SO, this year we are simply having a CASH RAFFLE!!  The Grand Prize is $25,000!!!  Just think what you could do with $25,000!!   Only 650 tickets will be sold so get yours early!!  The drawing will be held on May 31, 2013 at the weymouth Elks Lodge starting at 7 PM.  You can contact me for tickets or go on line to www.weymouthrotary.org and purchase online.  I have attached a link above with our brochure and more details.   See you at the drawing!!



Decorating Safely this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it is important to keep safety in mind as we decorate.  I have always enjoyed having wreaths outside my window.  I have a pictures taken last year with fresh snow on it that I always enjoy.   Decorating outside with fresh evergreens is very safe.  Inside your home, however, is quite different.  I am going to list out some points from the U.S. Fire Administration website about decorating safely this holiday season.


Everyone loves looking at a beautiful tree Christmas morning.  But remember–KEEP THE TREE WATERED!  These trees account for hundreds of fires annually, mostly from electrical shorts or open flames.  Dry, neglected trees are a hazard.  Carefully select a freshly cut tree when purchasing your tree–if many needles fall off the tree has been cut too long and can be a hazard.  Buy from a reliable dealer.  Maintain your holiday lights –do not use with any frayed wires.  Do not leave lights on unattended.

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to enjoy-make sure you do it safely so a disaster doesn’t  ruin your holidays and risk harm to your loved ones.  For more safety tips, visit their website www.usfa.fema.gov

South Shore Networking Professionals meeting February 18th 2014

The South Shore Networking Professionals are meeting this Tuesday at Cask ‘n Flagon in Marshfield from 5:30 to 8 PM.   Are you a business person that is looking to make connections to grow your business? This is a great networking event held every month on the third Tuesday that you need to check out!  Admission is $10 and there are delicious appetizers provided and a cash bar.   Bring plenty of business cards and plan on meeting many great business professionals.    Check out or web site for pictures from previous meetings as well as  to learn more about this group and our monthly event!   We have been meeting now for almost FOUR years!!   www.ssnpg.com

Remodeling Tips for Homeowners

Front door 1 Kitchen 4Many of us homeowners are ready to give our homes some new looks and features.  As we spend time indoors this cold winter, it is a great time to start planning your projects.  But do you know where to start?  I asked my friend, Allison Guido, owner of Almar Building and Remodeling, for some sound advise to pass along.

First–ASK QUESTIONS!  Ask about reputation, years of experience, referrals, and never take an estimate without examination and asking for clarification.   Many of you will be looking at quotes from a few companies–make certain that you get detailed written estimates so that you can compare Apples to Apples.  Don’t assume that something is included if it is not in writing.

QUALITY AND SERVICE:  Do they truly provide quality craftsmanship and service?  You do get what you pay for and you are trusting them with your home.  How long have they been in business and can they show you examples of past projects with testimonials?

WARRANTY:  What is their warranty on labor? And will they assist you with any manufacturer’s warranties?  Do they work directly with many of these companies to make this process seamless?

INSURANCE & TAXES:  Is everyone you are talking to operating a legal business?  Do they have the correct licenses and insurance?   Will you, your home & family be protected if something happens during the project?  Did you know your  homeowner’s policy does not protect you if a worker gets injured on your property of does damage to your home?  The contractor MUST carry the proper insurance.

Remodeling your home can be a very smooth process when you have the right team on the job.  To learn more about Allison and her company, you can go the their website www.almarbuilding.com

Listen to WATD Sunday mornings at 10:30

Lois at WATD Studio
Lois during a recent show at WATD studio

I am a cohost with Mark Greene on his program “So What About That Law?” every month on the first Sunday.  This program is on every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:00 AM on WATD  95.9 FM.   I invite you to make a note on your calendar and listen in.  We always have a lively conversation about many topics of interest to everyone!  Mark has a great lineup of cohosts–check this out!!

You can listen live on your computer by going to Marks website www.markgreenelaw.com Click on the  Broadcast Booth tab and then on “Listen Live”.