Will my insurance policy pay for damages from floodwater entering my home?

Standard homeowners, renters, and condo policies do not cover water damage due to flood for either the building or personal property.  There is no endorsement available to add coverage.

Standard commercial policies do not cover water damage due to flood to the building or business personal property.  However, some carriers have added limited coverage to their deluxe policies or can add this limited coverage by endorsement.

National Flood Insurance policies cover loss due to water damage resulting directly from flood.  They offer a policy for buildings and a seperate policy for personal belongings or contents.


Is it better to have your auto and home policies with one carrier?

Many carriers offer discounts if you have multiple policies with them. The amount of the discount will vary among the different carriers. The savings can be significant! Before I became a broker, I didn’t realize the advantage of doing this. We had multiple brokers and carriers–not uncommon when you get married and merge households. Once I became a broker and we got organized, we saved over $400 per year!! I urge everyone to have a broker like myself look at your entire package of policies. Why Pay Too Much??

The body shop is repairing my auto after an insured loss.  Will my insurance company pay for original equipment manufacturer (OEM)parts?

If the repair of the damaged part impairs the operational safety of the auto, the  insurance company will pay to replace it with an OEM part.  For non-safety parts, claim occurs during the first 20,000 miles on the auto’s odometer,  you are not entitled to OEM parts.  For autos with more than 20,000 miles, state regulation allows for the replacement of damaged parts with used,  reconditioned or after market parts.  You can insist on OEM parts,  but  you will have to pay the difference in cost.

My home sustained a water loss due to melting ice dams on the roof.  What would be covered under my homeowners policy?

Generally damage to both the exterior and interior of a home resulting from weight of ice and show or ice dams is covered under a homeowners policy.  However, only the area damaged in the loss will be covered.  Further damage sustained due to wear and tear or neglect will not be covered.

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