About Lois Drukman

Hello Readers! My name is Lois Drukman and I’m an independent broker at Walter May Insurance Agency, Inc. in Hingham, MA. I welcome questions and offer guidance to my clients for all of their insurance needs. My role is to be sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible with their insurance. I would like to know if I can help you as well. Contact me
loisD-1024x768.jpgYou may have noticed the nautical theme to my blog. I have always loved the water, and have fond childhood memories of going to a lake in Maine every summer on family vacations. As an adult, my earlier career was in the seafood industry. I was in purchasing and sales for a major seafood wholesaler for many years in Boston. I have always had a close connection with my clients and pride myself that I always give excellent service. I retired from seafood and enjoy my career as an Insurance Broker. There are differences in products in my career path, but quality customer service is universal to all industries. I am very proud that many of my current clients are people and businesses I have known from my seafood days. Good service is the key to client satisfaction. I own a sailboat with my husband and we enjoy sailing around Boston and the surrounding waters. I feel like everyone else that is a boater in New England that the summer season is just too short.

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