Are you working memorial day weekend? picture of flags and flowers

Are you working Memorial Day weekend?

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. It’s a national holiday dedicated to the memory of our soldiers who have fallen in service to our country. The long holiday weekend is a getaway for most, but for others, it’s all about keeping current with work.

Many small business owners and B2B professionals use time on the weekend to catch up on email, billing and other work. It’s a strategy that might work in the short-term—you get to a place where you feel caught up—but it has more serious repercussions: Stress, burnout and other mental and physical issues.

Of course, this email is being written over the weekend—it almost always is—so there will be no lecture. We won’t get into the many benefits of taking time off. Everyone probably realizes that. What you don’t realize, if you can’t take actual days/weeks off, there are things you can do to stay refreshed.

For example, taking short “play breaks” during the day to break up the work day somewhat. A post-lunch nap of 20 minutes can also have wonderful benefits. These are not substitutes for time off. Just things you can mix into your routine.

If taking extended time off is an issue, then schedule one long weekend a month and conduct zero business for those three days. You would be amazed at how beneficial it can be.

To stay fresh without taking an actual vacation, there are a few simple things you can do. Go for a long, quiet walk in the fresh air and sunshine, spend some time with the family, exercise, and most of all, “unplug” when you can – no phones, laptop, or looking at emails.

As for Memorial Day, please do take some time to reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we in the United States hold dearly and, many times, take for granted. Memorial Day is about honoring those who serve and protect us.

This article is based on a blog by My Pinnacle Network.