Keep Safe on July 4th

July 4th is a time for celebrations – backyard cookouts, fireworks or a day at the beach. Following some basic tips will help you, your family and friends to keep safe on July 4th.

The American Red Cross recommends these safety tips:


Countless people are injured every year while grilling with charcoal or propane. Also, fires have been started by grills being too close to a house or deck. Here are some tips for safe grilling.

  • Never leave the grill unsupervised
  • Do not grill indoors – including campers, garages or tents
  • Keep everyone including pets away from the grill
  • Never add lighter fluid to hot coals
  • Keep grill away from the house, deck, tree branches and anything flammable
  • Use long-handled grilling tools
  • Follow the grill manufacturer’s instructions


The best and safest way to enjoy fireworks is going to a professional, public display. The Red Cross suggests staying at least 500 feet away from fireworks shows. Many states ban most types of fireworks for personal use. If you or someone is planning to set off fireworks, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Never allow small children to handle fireworks
  • Keep water nearby
  • Wear eye protection when setting off fireworks
  • Light one at a time
  • Never try to relight a “dud”
  • Do not throw fireworks toward people, pets, structures, vehicles or anything flammable
  • Leave any area where amateurs are setting off fireworks

The Beach

Enjoy the sun and fun at the beach, but keep safe. It’s best to swim at a beach with lifeguards, especially inexperienced swimmers. Here are some beach safety suggestions:

  • Be vigilant for rip currents -They often exist near jetties and piers. If you’re caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until free of the current. Float or tread water if you can’t swim
  • Always swim in designated areas
  • Keep an eye to sky and be alert for approaching thunderstorms or changing weather
  • Never swim alone or while drinking alcohol
  • Keep a constant eye on children
  • Watch out for aquatic life including plants
  • Never dive headfirst
  • Use sunscreen
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration

Keeps pets safe

Noise from fireworks can startle pets so it’s best to keep them away from any noisy celebrations, recommends the American Veterinary Medical Association. If you’re going to a fireworks show, leave your pets at home. For backyard celebrations, here are some pet safety tips:

  • Keep sparklers, fireworks, glow sticks, skewers away from pets
  • Do not feed them scraps from cookouts
  • Fried and fatty foods, onions, grapes and chocolate are among the no-noes to feed pets as they can be toxic to them
  • Do not leave pets in a hot vehicle or unattended
  • Make sure they have water available

Avoid Overheating

Hot, humid weather can cause heat exhaustion. Here are some suggestions to stay cool.

  • Wear light-colored clothing
  • Stay in shady areas as much as possible
  • Wear a hat
  • Take it slow
  • Drink plenty of water

Keep safe on July 4th!


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